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Waste Management Vernon Hills

Waste Management is a leading hauler of waste removal and recycling services in Vernon Hills.

Waste Management offers a variety of permanent  waste removal and recycling services throughout Vernon Hills. Using the industry’s largest selection of dumpsters, roll-off containers, and trash compactors, o
ur safe and friendly drivers provide clean and dependable waste removal and recycling service in Vernon Hills, while our professional customer service staff is trained and standing by to answer all of your service-related questions.

As a leading waste removal and recycling service hauler in Vernon Hills, we realize that just having more people and equipment does not automatically make Waste Management Chicago a better waste removal & recycling company.  That is why Waste Management Chicago has  focused our efforts towards achieving one goal - complete and total customer satisfaction. 

Whether you are a New Business or an Existing Business located in Vernon Hills, Waste Management Chicago would like an opportunity to develop a  waste removal and recycling service program specifically tailored to your needs.

If you would like a proposal or information on the following services, please contact Robert Krueger or select
Request a Quote.

Waste Removal>>                                           Recycling Service >>
Reliable, professional service                            The convenient, cost effective 
customized for your business                            to recycle

Dumpsters>>                                                  Apartment Style Compactors>>     
View our inventory of                                        Solutions to help property managers
commercial dumpsters

Self Contained Compactors>>                    Stationary Compactors>>
Solutions for Wet Waste,  ideal                          Solutions for dry waste. Ideal
for Supermarkets                                               for warehouses

Fluorsecent Bulb Recycling>>
Safe, compliant solutions for potentially
harmful waste